How to find all orange chests that have all weapons, items, parachutes, zip lines and more in the OLIGARCH Mission of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

0:00 – Heartbeat Sensor, Night vision, Ascender
0:44 – Cronen Squall, DM56
1:14 – Anti Armor Rounds
1:40 – Pulemot 762
2:01 – Bryson 800 & Recon Drone
2:32 – Silenced M16
2:48 – STB 556, MCW, Crossbow
3:27 – Minigun
3:42 – Armor Box, Kastov 545
4:32 – Silenced M4
4:49 – Snapshot Pulse
5:04 – WSP9
5:21 – Akimbo 50GS

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