On the road to Arma 4, Arma Reforger is a standalone early access game looking to hook a new generation of Arma players as it goes into Early Access on PC and Xbox. 

Arma Reforger by Bohemia Interactive is a standalone Arma game going into Early Access while Arma 4 is in development. Reforger is intended to get the mil-sim community involved in testing out the new Enfusion engine, modding the game, coming up with fun combat scenarios, and fighting player vs. player. Reforger has two main multiplayer modes: Conflict, which sees two teams fighting over capture points, and Game Master, which lets players engage in and edit scenarios in real-time. The game also includes a Workshop that allows players to expand and modify the game. Mods can be used on both PC and, for the first time Xbox. Keep in mind the Arma Mod Day Z eventually led to PUBG and the modern battle royale craze. 

Arma Reforger takes place in a large open world on the island of Everon, set in the 1980s. The island’s design is inspired by the former state of Czechoslovakia. You’ll see a lot of classic ’80s guns in the game, like the M16A2, M21 SWS, and M72A3 Law. The game builds off the Arma series roots that started in 2001 with Arma: Cold War Assault and helped define the military simulation genre. 

Arma Reforger is part of the road to Arma 4 and is out now in Early Access for PC and Xbox.

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