Logo: On a black background, two swords (similar to the two previous pairs) come respectively from the left and right and begin clashing. Like before, after the swords have clashed two times, they clash for a third time and form a X. After that, a blue shield fades in front of the swords and zooms out a little. A blue glow appears behind the swords and the shield. The white text “Armor Games” zooms in quickly below the logo and then zooms out a bit. Then, the entire logo fades to black.


On SHIFT 3 & 4, the logo is fully white with the blue glow fully gone. The text “Developed by” is above the logo.
A quicker version exists.
On Exitpath, the entire logo, including the text, glows white.
On Learn to Fly 3, the logo is on a grey background and it takes a random amount of time (due to lag) for the third clash and the rest of the logo to play.
FX/SFX: The swords clashing, the shield appearing, the blue glow appearing and the text zooming in and out.

Music/Sounds: The end part of the main menu music from The Settlers II (10th Anniversary), composed by Aaron Marks. The sounds of the swords clashing can be heard during this. In earlier years, the sword clashing sounds are different and weaker.

Music/Sounds Variants:

The quicker version has a shorter choir, a shorter drumroll and different clashing sounds.
Sometimes, the game’s music plays over the logo.
Availability: Very common. This logo can be found on practically any game on their website or any game they have developed.

Editor’s Note: This logo is one of the longest living and most liked browser game logos out there. Many may remember this logo from their childhood.