If you want some action from a simple game, then Armor Mayhem will deliver that to your screen. This action-packed shooting game gives you 2 modes to choose from; Missions and Custom Game. Missions will teach you the rules of the game and its various game modes when battling against other enemies. Custom Game us where you decide to create your own set of games with different rules like Death Match, Data Capture, and Overdrive. You can also earn money from Missions Mode that can be useful to buy new weapons and armors for your soldier on the Armory Menu.

Abuse was a revolutionary game and is still loads of fun. It cleared the way for various other games with similar controls schemes, i.e. moving around the side-scrolling level with the keyboard and then aiming and shooting things with the mouse. Armor Mayhem is something of a cross between Abuse and Halo, and with that alone it’s probably obvious you’re in for a good game.

At first, Armor Mayhem looks something like Thing Thing (of ancient Internet fame) but the gameplay is actually rather different. Instead of wading through hordes of enemies, you’re instead in a typical team deathmatch that you’d see more commonly with first person shooters. Is it fun? Oh yeah.

The graphics are fairly good for an online game. Sure, they sprites and the background are all in flat and cell-shaded graphics, but they work for the game. Despite the relatively simple graphics, the game is able to add a great deal of detail in the backgrounds, the character animations, and the effects. You’ve got pretty big levels, and while you won’t see any sprawling vistas spreading out before you, there are enough details to give the levels more character than just simple ramps and platforms. The characters too are pretty spiffy looking in their powered armor and assault weapons, the latter of which actually change depending on what weapon is equipped.

As aforementioned, the game has the now familiar control scheme of moving around with the keyboard and aiming/shooting with your mouse. While it’s simple and second nature, the vast level design and movement style of the characters makes it so moving around takes some getting used to. You’ll be doing rather long-ranged jumps, soaring over your enemies, jet-packing from above to rain flaming death below, and all sorts of futuristic Starship Trooperish stuff.

The gameplay is something you’d expect from games like Quake of Halo, with capture-the-flag matches or simple free for alls. You’ve got team mates (AI controlled) which aren’t all that bright, so a great deal of the mission falls to you. That’s not all that much of a problem though, as the AI of the opposing team isn’t all that bright either, so things balance out. Still, the game is fast-paced and exciting, so there’s a lot for everyone here. What’s more, as you progress, you’ll be able to get upgrades to your character, making for even more mayhem and excitement.

So if you’re looking for some adrenaline-pumping, futuristic shooting, then Armor Mayhem is the game for you!