Trying to play all the flash games before Adobe Flash shutdown


Throw a paper plane as far as you can. Collect points and upgrade your plane so you can throw it even further šŸ™‚

Girl trying to send a message to Santa by Paper Plane. Plane hits different people in different countries. Each time the paper plane hit someone, someone change the message and send it flying again.

Use the mouse to pick up and throw the plane.
P: Pause.
Arrow Keys / A and D: Turn the plane.
Spacebar: Use the Engine.
R: Activate “Rainbow Stars.”
(Some of these abilities require upgrades)

The time has come to say goodbye to Flash, Adobe has finally admitted. This week, the company announced that the long-running software will finally go into retirement as of 2020, at which point updates will no longer be released and web browsers will drop support entirely.

While Adobe Flash was widely used for many years, many services have begun replacing it. For instance, many popular video streaming services, like YouTube, have long since made the jump to HTML 5. On top of that, recently web browsers have begun switching off Flash support by default, simply due to the amount of security bugs the software has been afflicted with. With that in mind, Adobe will finally be pulling the plug on Flash in three years time, giving any remaining websites a chance to switch from Flash before it becomes completely defunct.