Here’s one of the best builds in GOW Ragnarok that absolutely melts bosses even in Give Me God of War difficulty so we’ll go over the best armor, relic, runic attacks and enchantments as well as how to get them for this God of War Ragnarok build guide.

This build focuses on Lunda’s poison armor set you can obtain from the favor, Lunda’s Lost Armor and we also cover the best relic for this build, the Hilt of Dainsleif and how to get it as well as some of the best possible enchantments. Specific runic attacks aren’t insanely important but you should go for runics that are able to be used quickly. Our main goal is to afflict poison and stun as well as the bifrost you have from the Seal of Runic Storm enchantment as much as possible while using every other moment to parry and melee which will absolutely melt bosses in Give Me God of War and makes boss fights SO much easier.

00:00 Best Build
00:11 Armor Set & How To Get It
02:10 Relic
02:55 Best Enchantments
04:18 Hilts, Runic Attacks, Shield Rond and Gear
04:54 How to use the build

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