In this game of Civ 6, we’ll be playing Babylon in our latest Civilization VI A to Z challenge. The mission? To play a game with Babylon where we embrace the chaos that is a totally random Tech and Civic tree.

We’re playing today a mod that swaps and randomises all eurekas and inspirations in Civ 6, as well as a mod that updates Babylon to also benefit from free civics as well as techs. What results from this is a game of utter chaos and glory like nothing you’ve seen before. Step into the shoes of a mighty warrior in golden axe classic. Play online now and fight your way to victory against the forces of darkness.

Welcome to Ursa Ryan’s Civ 6 A to Z challenge, where we take on EVERY civilization in Civ 6 in alphabetical order! My channel supporters have been hard at work creating a fun set of maps, games and challenges for me to play, so buckle up and welcome to the ride!

All maps, mods and tech support on getting these games to work are available on my discord, so swing by! If you want to help plan this series, consider becoming a channel supporter using the links below.

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00:00 – Intro, Map and Mod Explain
02:58 – Turn 1
04:42 – Chaos Starts Fast
09:56 – Even With Mods The Barbs Will Not Let Me Have Fun
15:00 – I’m Getting Very Confused
20:02 – Palgums Are Insane
24:41 – How I Rushed Classical Era Modern Armour
28:53 – Hanging Gardens
34:26 – Turn 85 Solar Farms
38:50 – Pyramids
41:09 – Votey McVoteFace

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