hey guys welcome to another great and useful tutorial…
ok lets get to the point

go to any armorgames game that you would like to download…..

once you’re there, you will see how the game is loading and stuff…
whatever, what i need you to do is right click on the blank side of the page, and click “view page source” or go up to your menu and go to view-view page source..

once you click there, you will see a window with codes in it… don’t worry, lol… what you need to do is go to edit-search and find the keyword


yes there is a dot in front of it… that’s the way it should be… once you go that done, click “search” or “find” or whatever it is, and you will be directed to the part in the text where the string has a .swf at the end… what you need to do next is simple, copy everything in the quotations mark, and go up to your url box, and erase everything after

and paste your text that you just copied… so it will look like this

ok now when you press enter or “go”, you will be redirected to a page, and you will see your game in full screen…

now what you need to do is go to

file-save page as- yourgamename

the automatic file extension should be .swf so you’re good…

now once you have the file downloaded, you can put it on a flash drive, and take it to school or to work, and you can play it without getting on the internet..

*if you don’t have a flash player installed, simply drag and drop your file into any internet browser, and your internet browser should run the file, don’t worry, the file is not going to use internet to run itself, it’s just that an internet browser is an automatic flash player*

Thanks for watching this video tutorial, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below, and i will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Embark on a cosmic journey – Play starflight travel online now.

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