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Hey Guys, In This Video, You Will See How to Play God of War 2 full Game Walk through Bonus Play with GOD ARMOR preferred Skill ARMOR in Difficulty Easy and and also how to kill all bosses like :-
1 :- Colossus of Rhodes
2 :- Typhon
3 :- Dark Rider and Dark Griffin
4 :- Theseus
5 :- Wild Cerberus
6 :- Barbarian King
7 :- Mole Cerberus
8 :- Euryale
9 :- Perseus
10 :- Icarus
11 :- The Last Spartan
12 :- Kraken
13 :- The Sisters of Fate Lahkesis, Atropos and Clotho
14 :- Zeus

And many more like them.

And also How to find all Chests Like :-
1 :- Red Orbs Chest, which allow him to level up his weapons and magic powers.
2 :- Gorgon Eyes Chest, allowing him to increase his overall health.
3 :- Phoenix Feathers Chest, allowing him to increase his overall magic.
4 :- 3 Golden Chests (1st Red Orbs, 2nd Gorgon Eyes Chest And 3rd Phoenix Feathers Chest)

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