Hatching Mimmense, the Race Tank Monster with Taunt, MegaTaunt, Evasion, Total Damage Reduction and Blind + Daze. πŸƒ

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π“π‘π€πˆπ“ – Rank 0 : Taunt

Rank 1 : Blind Immunity

Rank 3 : (Status Caster) Immune to Control

βš™οΈ π‘π„π‹πˆπ‚π’ – Armour & Armour


𝑷𝒓𝒐𝒔 +

β€’ Can Apply Megataunt with two Skills

β€’ Has Taunt as a Rank 0 Trait so can be used to protect Dodge Area Monsters

β€’ Can Apply Megataunt & Evasion to itself

β€’ Has double Armour Relics so two Vadamelter’s Armours (Craftable) can be used to deal a lot of Damage and apply Tortures

β€’ Can Blind, Daze, Damage Reduction and Total Damage Reduction to reduce accuracy and Damage output with its attacks

β€’ High Life stat and good Speed since it’s from the new Era

β€’ Its Elements cancel each others weaknesses out, making it only Weak to Metal Damage / Damage over Times (Nanovirus)

β€’ Overall good Cooldowns and Stamina costs

β€’ Control Immunity is a good Trait & can apply it again with MegaTaunt

β€’ Low Cooldowns on a lot of skills

π‘ͺ𝒐𝒏𝒔 –

β€’ No other self sustaining except the Evasion and Megataunt skill, and healing with Relics

β€’ Slow Speed stat compared to others in its Era but it has Evasion for longer if it can miss turns without it getting removed

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#TeamRace #MultiverseEra #MonsterLegendsGameplayΒ 
#MonsterLegends #mobile #games #gameplay #Hatchingvideos #shortswithcamilla
#TeamRace #MultiverseEra #MonsterLegendsGameplay