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LAWS Of Wrestling crew is back with their #RoyalRumble live reaction video! We got together and managed to record ourselves watching one of favorite PPV’s of the WWE calendar! See our reaction to #AJStyles vs #JohnCena, #ChrisJericho, #TyeDillinger main roster debut, #JamesEllsworth performance, #LukeHarper & his confrontation with #RandyOrton and #BrayWyatt, #BrockLesnar taking on #Goldberg, and number 30 himself, #RomanReigns!

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House of Wolves is a really interesting strategy game, probably one of the most impressive online free games of this type I tried so far. It basically provides the same experience as the original Age of Empires, only it places it in a side-scrolling 2D environment. Here, the player builds the settlement of his house from the ground up, using classic late 90’s/early 2000’s real-time strategy mechanics. For the building and harvesting of resources, the basic unit does all the work, from slaughtering animals to chopping wood.

They are supported by a range of buildings, some of which belong to the economy class, while the others are retirement or defense structures. Once the units are created, the players take direct control over them and use them as they would in any other RTS game, including grouping them in quick access clusters.

Thanks to all of this, the House of Wolves gameplay provides a nice throwback to the days when RTS games ruled the PC market and does this without any unwanted element.