In this tutorial series you will be taken through the full development process to create a game ready and animated character which can be used in the Unity or Unreal game engine.
The second part of this series will cover techniques to add details to the character, either as separate meshes or directly to the base mesh. Soft and hard surface shading techniques will then be used on the clothing and armour to make it look as good as possible.

0:00 Introduction
0:48 Adding Armour to the Base Mesh
7:20 Removing Ngons
12:30 Extruding Armour
15:50 Cleaning Up Edges
21:00 Extruding Additional Details
23:54 Adding New Geometry
26:30 Shading the Base Mesh
29:40 Creating Separate Armour and Accessories
38:15 Modelling the Lower Belt and Details
46:45 Armour Plates and Straps
52:04 Arm Armour
01:01:30 Leg Armour
01:08:28 Applying Transformations and Mirroring
01:10:18 Helmet
01:26:06 Backpack
01:34:20 Modelling Cloth
01:39:58 Next Time
01:40:17 Outro

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