After months of work I’m finally done. The native Portal 2 map editor didn’t allow enough precision for me to synchronize to the music, so I learned how to use Valve’s Hammer editor for this project.

The quality of this video was upscaled from HD to 4k because YouTube grants higher bitrates at this quality. I also think it may have solved some audio shifting issues.

Portal 2 Remix – Reconstructing Science Remix (Futuristic Orchestra)
By Plasma3Music Remixes
Song Link:
Plasma3Music’s Channel:
Thank you for giving permission for all to use this music!

If you’d like to try out the maps I made for yourself, I will post the map files for my patrons:
Note: The music is not integrated into the map itself, but must be run externally. I attached the code I used, which plays the music and starts the character moving forward at the same time.

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