This guide will help you complete The Tortured Prisoner’s Secret Quest which rewards you with a gesture, a ring, a catalyst and her outfit. You’ll also get the achievement “A Queen’s Rest”.
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– Skyrest Bridge Key:
– Royal Key:
– Alternate Noblewoman Route:
– Alternate Charred Letter Route:

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0:00 – Intro
0:34 – Deliver Searing Accusation to Prisoner
1:12 – Defeat Spurned Progeny and Give Eyeball item to Prisoner
1:37 – Collect Noblewoman Armor Set
2:42 – Equip armor and visit Prisoner
3:08 – Collect Charred Letter after taking the Circular lift leading to Bramis Castle
3:26 – Deliver Charred Letter to Prisoner
3:45 – Quest Warning and new Prisoner Location
4:08 – Collect Swaddling Cloth and Give Item to Prisoner
5:57 – Defeat Sundered Monarch Boss
6:08 – Final Step (Story Spoilers)

Thanks to CI Games and Hexworks for providing me with a key to the game!

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