The new title update 1.0 is out and with it are four fantastic and interesting new armor sets with new armor skills which we’ll check out in today’s video!

The new sets are from the newest monsters added in Sunbreak:

Seething Bazelgeese – Pride Set – New skills: Guts (basically moxie)
Gold Rathian – Golden Lune Set – New skills: Status Trigger/Defiance (perfect evade grants status build up/gain earplugs+tremor resist+windproof+defense boost when monster enrages)
Silver Rathalos – Silver Sol Set – New skills: Element Exploit (bonus elemental damage to weak parts)
Lucent Nargcuga – Lucent Narga Set – New skills: Sneak Attack/Adrenaline Rush (Bonus attack if dealing damage from behind/perfect evade grants bonus attack)

Lord beat me to this video already but oh well xD

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00:00 Highlights
00:49 Intro
01:27 Seething Bazel Armor
03:48 Gold Rathian Armor
06:40 Silver Rathalos Armor
08:27 Lucent Nargacuga Armor