This is Raze 2, a flash game released by Juice-Tin and AntitudeGames in 2011.
This video is for archival purposes. All flash games I play will be showcased in all its glory: bugs, aspect ratio issues, and all!

9 years ago, in 2108, you were part of the elite group who succeeded in saving the Earth from an alien invasion. You are now the last “Raze” survivor and you have to resume service to try once again to protect the human race. Raze 2 is a great shooting game, offering a long single player campaign, a multiplayer mode (depreciated) as well as the opportunity to play as an alien and fight to destroy the humans.

Tags: Shooter, Sidescroller, Platformer, Aliens, Action, Raze, Run n’ Gun
Series: Raze
Publisher: Armor Games
Platform: Flash
Play Mode: Single Player
Status: Playable
Release Date:
Language: en