My full tutorial on ‘Eavy Metal Sons Of The Phoenix Space Marines is finally here! Learn how to paint the white armor so well, it will make others jealous. White armor is always a great challenge, so here it is covered in great detail. More parts of the guide on this white space marine are coming soon!

Now I know that I have already done 2 videos on how to paint white armor, so please just bear with me. Here is the actual method that I have used to paint my whole army. No contrast paints, no cheats, nothing – this is exactly what I use for my actual army that you could see in my showcase.
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These videos are essential watch if you want to improve:
Painting Volumes:
Painting Non Metallic Metal:

In the next part, we will very likely cover the non metallic metal sword and gold.

Paints used:
Corax White spray
Ulthuan Grey
White Scar
Agrax earthshade
Genestealer Purple
Dechala Lilac
Magenta (Vallejo Model Color)
Optional: Fulgrim Pink
Abaddon black
Dark Reaper
Thunderhawk Blue
Fenrisian Grey
Optional: Blue Horror
Mournfang brown
Yriel Yellow
Flash Gitz Yellow
Gloss Varnish (for mixing into the white)

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Da Vinci Maestro Series 35:
Winsor & Newton Series 7:
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