Note: This is a reupload of the latest armour sets/skins video to fix some issues pointed out by commenters — namely that certain sections of the video were too dark to see the skins clearly. I’ve re-filmed the Reisum sections, and enhanced the brightness and exposure for other bits to make things clearer, even on smaller screens. I also zoomed in all the footage by 120% so the figure takes up more space and is more central on-screen, as well as fixing some of the text for the Scavenger Armour so it takes up LESS space.

Original Description:
Remnant: From the Ashes has released its final piece of DLC – Subject 2923 – and as such, all the armour and skins created for the game are now available for you to find and wear (or buy, in the case of skins).

Every piece of armour save for the Twisted Mask and Bomber Hat have skins that you can equip over them, keeping in mind that skins can only be applied to the relevant base armour and not any armour you like – it is NOT a full transmog/cosmetic system, sadly.

Here is what they all look like and how to get them!

Need help equipping them? has all the details!

00:00 – Subject 2923 DLC armour
00:20 – Warlord Set and Destroyer Skin
01:42 – Scavenger’s Set and Raider’s Skin
03:14 – Swamps of Corsus DLC armour
03:23 – Carapace Set and Vanguard Skin
04:35 – Labyrinth Set and Mystic Skin
05:57 – Original Game: Earth armour
06:10 – Adventurer Set and Survivor Skin
07:33 – Bandit Set and Brigand Skin
08:51 – Cultist Set, Doomsayer Skin and Ritualist Skin
11:20 – Drifter Set and Vagrant Skin
12:55 – Hunter Set, Nightstalker Skin and Widowmaker Skin
15:12 – Leto’s Set and Sentinel Skin
16:52 – Scrapper Set, Gladiator Skin and Roughneck Skin
19:10 – Twisted Set, Twisted Mask, and Corrupted Skin
20:50 – Bomber Hat (Twitch Prime)
21:30 – Original Game: Rhom armour
21:40 – Akari Set and Shadow Skin
22:47 – Osseus Set and Headhunter Skin
24:20 – Void Set and Chaos Skin
26:06 – Original Game: Corsus armour
26:30 – Slayer Set and Harbinger Skin
28:55 – Original Game: Yaesha armour
29:05 – Elder Set and Bloodletter Skin
31:06 – Radiant Set and Crusader Skin
32:41 – Wrap up and Skins Help

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