Obviously this is the 2nd game for the The Last Stand Series. This game heavily depends on luck though to find supplies, weapons, survivors, traps and the zed heads’ aggression. I don’t have any strategies in this game. My plans were to stay longer in Glendale and Whistler’s Grove to find supplies and weapons in the early game so I don;t need to stay longer in the later game (because I knew this game will get harder and harder).

I chose Whistler’s Grove because I want that Compound Bow. It can kill dogs with one hit, great DPS and doesn’t need much reload time. I want to use the Hunting Rifle and give the bow to the survivor but they don’t know how to use it. Well, at least the survivors in this game shoot more than the first one.

I’m not gonna stay long at Jonestown because that place is so difficult. The nights are longer and way too many running zombies to kill. I could have end the game earlier but I want to have fun playing with RPG and LMG in Fort Tran, at least for one day.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the gameplay 🙂