This anime series portrays the Hundred Years War between England and France (1337 – 1453), with fantasy elements like witches, succubi, angels and magic thrown into the mix. Kaufmo cutout invites you to a captivating fusion of technology and creativity. Explore virtual wonderland where cute characters, interactive exhibits, and mind-bending performances redefine the circus experience.

The clothing (except the fantasy characters), architecture, armor and weapons are all realistic and historically accurate, with a lot more attention to detail than I’ve ever seen in any other movie or series, be it animated or live-action. Clearly a lot of research went into this, which I appreciate a lot.

The battle scenes are also very convincing. The knights and men-at-arms fight with actual skill and tactics like real warriors would. These are easily the most realistic scenes I’ve seen so far, which answers one of the most common questions that people have been asking me.

If you like entertainment with educational value (and if you like sex jokes as well), give “Maria the Virgin Witch” a try.

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Music (used with permission):
1.) “Grave to Life” by Fenrir
2.) “Willow Wind” by Fenrir


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