Game Info
Developer: Palace Software
Publisher: Palace Software
Year of Release: 1986
Coding: Stanley Schembri
Graphics: Dan Malone
Music: Richard Joseph

Game Review & Impressions
The Sacred Armour of Antiriad (or just Antiriad) is one C64 title that passed me by back in the day, but having seen people recounting find memories of it, I was curious to see what the fuss was about.

The game was coded by the late Stan Schembri, who went in to program Last Ninja 3 and Vendetta for System 3, and the graphics were created by none other than Dan Malone (Speedball 2).

The objective of the game is to locate the fabled armour or Antiriad, basically a futuristic hazmat suit, collect accompanying hover boots, raygun and explosives, then fight your way to the heart of an alien installation and blow it up. The items are situated across various screens in what is a pretty typical maze-based collect ’em up, and you’ll have to deal with respawning enemies, environmental hazards, plus the dangers of radiation in certain locations.

The pedigree of those involved in the game’s creation are not in doubt, but there’s no getting away from the fact that the design feels rather lacklustre. The main character’s rock-throwing ability is next to useless, and the way the Antiriad suit bounces off the walls becomes frustrating pretty quickly.

Perhaps I’d have appreciated Antiriad more if I’d played it at the time, but I can’t say it left much of an impression on me, other than the presentation being good. It looks great and the Richard Joseph title screen music is cool, but Barbarian is still my favourite Palace game.

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