What you think of the Fish Mitt used in the Pottstown Scout Team Game? Is it Fire? Would you rock it?

These are My Current Gamer Products:

VELO Shades: VELO Cutter Large 10% Code: VELO10
Glove: SSK ZPro (Jax Vassallo Model)
Current Bat: Louisville Atlas BBCOR
Batting Gloves: BRUCE BOLT Long Cuff Metallic Free Shipping: Jax10
Arm Sleeve: BRUCE BOLT Sleeve Free Shipping: Jax10
Elbow Guard: Evo Shield PRO-SRZ 2.0 Elbow
Leg Guard: Evo Shield PRO-SRZ 2.0 Leg
Cleats: Under Armour Blur Smoke 2.0
Wrist Tape: Gondiane 9 Pack Tape

Training Products:

VELO WallBall: 10% Off Code: VELO10
VELO Hitting Plyo Balls: 10% Off Code: VELO10
Pocket Radar: 10% Off Code: Jax10
Pitching Machine: ATEC M3X 2.0
ProVelocity Bat: $25 Off Code: bullpentraining

Marc Pro: 10% Off Code JAX