Flashpoint (Flash Game Preservation Project):

I used to play Flash games pretty much everyday as a kid , and even now I still play them time to time. I thought of using all that experience and playtime to create my own list of the best Flash games on the internet. I ranked them based on:

Quality/content first (how good the gameplay is and how much content the game has)

Originality second (how much the game innovates and differs from other games in its genre)

Popularity/impact third (how popular the game is and how much it inspired other game developers, if at all)

I also had a few rules when making this list:

-No idle games, since they are hardly games at all (I don’t hate idle games, I actually like them and played them a lot)

-Free games only. Premium content, Steam versions, etc will not be considered.

-Only one game per series. There can’t be multiple Fancy Pants games on the list, for example.

Every game shown in the video were recorded in full screen. A few of the games don’t upscale their graphics and end up looking fuzzy as a result, sorry about that.

Also watch my video on underrated flash games, as opposed to the more popular games that appear in this list:


Music: “District Four”, “Surf Shimmy” and “Inspired” by Kevin MacLeod