Here are the top 6 best armor sets and how to get them in GOW Ragnarok! God of War Ragnarok offers a wide variety of armor sets to suit your playstyle and goes much more in depth than past games so here are the best armor sets in God of War Ragnarok that you can use to make the best build.

00:00 These armor sets will create the best builds
00:25 Powerful Ranged Armor
02:24 Guiding Light (Tyr’s Armor)
03:36 Infinite Healing Armor
04:55 Steinbjorn Armor (Troll Locations)
07:00 How To Get Dragon Scaled Armor and Dragon Claws
08:26 How To Get Berserker Armor (Best Armor)

Following the guide should show you how to get the berserker armor, dragon scaled armor, steinbjorn armor, raven tear and more!

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