A Tyrannic War Veteran is a Veteran Marine who is a member of the Ultramarines Chapter’s specialised strike force dedicated to the eradication of the Tyranid menace from the galaxy.

The Tyrannic War Veterans were forged from the remnants of an atrocity committed by Hive Fleet Behemoth against the Ultramarines on their homeworld of Macragge in a series of campaigns collectively known to history as the Battle of Macragge.

During the Battle of Macragge, a good portion of the Chapter was heroically sacrificed to stop the menace of the Great Devourer during its first incursion into the Milky Way Galaxy. Numbering only in their dozens, these Veterans are experts in the art of Tyranid warfare, and have saved many worlds from being completely devoured by the Hive Fleets.
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