On December 14th, 2021, Stephen Curry sank shot 2974 from downtown to break the previous record and become the greatest 3-point shooter of all time.

To celebrate the occasion, Under Armour, Curry Brands and Gala Games are changing the game for GOOD with a charitable drop of a commemorative NFT replica of the Curry Flow 9 shoes Steph was wearing when the record was broken. All net revenue from the sale will be donated to charities that offer youth greater access to sports.

This NFT is more than a collectible. With play-to-earn utility in Town Star, as well as playability in the metaverses of both The Sandbox and Decentraland, this collectible is really changing the game.

December 21 @ 8pm EST

Gala Games Blog:

Look for Town Star Basketball Courts on sale starting December 28th in the Gala Games store. When combined with the Genesis Curry Flow NFT, you can earn even greater Town Star play-to-earn reward bonuses!