We’ve all seen it – characters (usually female, but sometimes male as well) wearing outfits and armor that are ENTIRELY impractical, and really…more than a little sexist.

So that’s what this series is dedicated to! Don’t expect one of these every week, but at least every other week I’ll try to do a new one of these. Don’t forget that you can tweet any other examples at me, and maybe you’ll see them next time!

I also want to stress one really important thing – this video is in NO WAY about body shaming – I’m not ridiculing anyone’s right to wear whatever they want HOWever they want, but I AM making fun of the fact that these characters were drawn by people (usually men) who at some point decided that a metal bikini was the best choice.

Shoutout to Bikini Armor Battle Damage for inspiring this video! Go check em out on Tumblr for some humorous/depressing analysis of the way artists clothe their female characters!

Music Credit:
“Latin Industries”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0